Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional
lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people who
pursue music, arts, literary and spiritual avenues. 

BOHO offers an opportunity to be a part of this growing community of forward thinkers
and curates events for its members to be able to enjoy and to connect with others.
Our membership program will afford the opportunity for people to interact and build
meaningful connections. Curated events will include musical programming, art festivals,
educational & wellness programming and conscious personal growth events.
BOHO is actively seeking out new locations around the world. Subscribe to the BOHO
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BOHO has partnered with U.S. event specialists “Soul Collective” to introduce their first impact event with Wóolis in Tulum, Mexico: “Soul Collective Tulum”. To learn more, visit the oficial link:

BOHO’s mission is to educate its members to be more environmentally conscious by oppering curated experiences that focus on sustainability. Its goal is to not only create awareness, but to establish deeper human connections and be part of a real environmental change, present real solutions, and feature the stakeholders who are making a difference.

BOHO proudly partnered with Wóolis a local organization who provides solutions to current problems caused by our society and the way we live. They are an organic waste collection business in Tulum who will collect waste from BOHO Hotel & Residences which they then will turn into compost and use it at their farm. You can taste their amazing local organic fair at their restaurant in town: Farm to Table. Follow them on Instagram to learn more @farmtotabletulum.

Past events

This year BOHO was one of the sponsors of Tulum’s first arts and culture festival: “Art with Me“ (Burning Man meets Art Basel), whose mission is to enrich the local community, preserve the natural environment and strengthen the artistic development of Tulum through conscious, sustainable practices.

The message was to build awareness. And through collaboration with known artists such as Daniel Popper, make this magical bohemian destination sustainable for many years to come.

To learn more, visit the ocial link:

The most popular foreign destination
for Americans is Mexico

Mexico is alluring not only for its sun and sand but also for its cuisine,
destination yoga retreats and cultural activities. (The New York Times)



Tulum is home to amazing beaches with
white sand that contrast with warm
turquoise Caribbean waters to enjoy
summer vibes all year long.

Mayan Culture

Tulum is an ancient walled Mayan city
which served as a port for the Mayan city of
Coba. Coba is just 45 minutes from Tulum
and is home to the largest Mayan pyramid
in Mexico.


Tulum is home to the world’s 2nd largest
barrier reef, so there is a wide variety of sea
life to be discovered while diving or


The increasingly popular sport of kitesurfing
has been literally, taking off in Tulum due to its
great wind conditions and beautiful scenery.


Tulum is surrounded by cenotes (fresh water
sinkholes) within an expansive, unique
underground cave system that attracts cave
divers from around the world.


There are over 35 cycling routes in Tulum for
those avid cyclists. And it’s an easy and
environmentally friendly means of
transportation to get around to either the
beach or downtown Tulum. BOHO offers free
bike rental for its guests.

Spa & Yoga

“In Tulum, luxury and earthiness coexist, but
the coin of the realm is spirituality.” (Travel +
Leisure). “Coming to Tulum and not taking a
yoga class is like swearing off wine in
Tuscany. It’s everywhere and inescapable.”
(The New York Times)


Tulum has witnessed the arrival of many
new eco-chic, gourmet restaurants on the
beach and jungle side of the main beach
strip. And continues to spread more recently
into Aldea Zama and downtown.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere

Tulum is a gateway to the Sian Ka’an
Biosphere Reserve. Sian Ka’an means
“Where the Sky is Born” in Mayan.