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¿What is BOHO?

Boho is inspired by the Bohemians, in general they are people who like to live in a less conventional way.

They constantly fight for their ideals and try to live in spirituality and awareness with what surrounds them. They like to surround themselves with like-minded souls. They value education, travel, art, music, literary and spiritual pursuits on the material things in life.

There are a growing number of these unconventional people in our modern world.

They are environmentally conscious adventurers in perpetual search for new experiences.

“They believe in truth, freedom and love”

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O  U  R    M  I  S  S  I  O  N


We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of our community. Our mission is to promote responsible tourism and generate awareness and a call to action for sustainability by creating projects with a minimal carbon footprint.

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Tulum & the Rivera Maya

It is impossible to deny the popularity of the Mexican Riviera Maya and in particular of Tulum, with more than a million visitors a year and growing, the potential of this portion of the Mexican paradise has yet to be realized.

Worldwide, Tulum has become increasingly recognized for its incredible lifestyle and vacation options. It offers everything from beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters, world-class diving in its cavernous cenotes, ancient Mayan ruins and much more.

That is why BOHO focuses on sustainability in order to preserve these wonders and generate awareness in the traveler who cares about the environment that surrounds him.

Our community

Our INVESTORS are our USERS, what better advantage than to be able to be an investor partner of a development, you can also use it to have promotions and incredible discounts that others will not have access to, take advantage of all the benefits that Boho has for you and join our community.

BOHO projects in Tulum

BOHO nomad

Project under construction, be part of Boho nomad investing in Crowdfunding from $ 2500 USD.

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BOHO residence

Project completed in 2018 currently operated as a Condo-Hotel.

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Invest with us

BOHO is rapidly becoming a highly sought after project for a growing number of international travelers and investors.Whether you are a nomad investor, an entrepreneur or an individual looking for an idyllic vacation spot to enjoy and earn income, we’ve got you covered. Sustainability is a long-term investment.